Who Am I?

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to honour your life.

A walker by nature, I am inspired by the shifting landscape & terrain–as varied as people. Light & shadow are natural partners in our relationships…with ourselves, others, & life. I am humbled by what it means to be human.

I have years of experience living & working with people with a broad spectrum of needs: physical, emotional, social & developmental. In the contexts of community service agencies, schools & residential settings, I have been a counsellor, therapist & social worker with adults in distress as well as child & adult survivors of trauma including abuse. I have facilitated interactive education workshops and served as a volunteer for hospice, CNIB, & Toronto Jewish Congress, recording testimonials of Holocaust survivors. I have a B.Sc Psychology (McGill University) and a M.Ed. Counselling Psychology (O.I.S.E. / University of Toronto).

My greatest teachers are life…and my son…both sharing imaginations beyond the scope of any textbook!

A writer of novels & stories for young, old & ageless, I celebrate our journey toward humanness…and the rainbow of experience along the way.


learning, laughing & leaping